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Panasonic LED screens have been used in several sport stadiums around the World. They provide bright images of the highest quality. Electro MEDIA, with its affiliation with Panasonic -Taiwan can  provide the SAME quality product FOR LESS, although benefiting from their experience and full technical support.
Stadium applications consist of a video display board used to transmit live events,  play advertisements, display scores and
general information. On the side, an analog clock displays actual time, and a digital display shows time in play, and permanent scores.
A typical stadium video display board alone usually measures 8x6m or 12x6m, and with the optional clock and display: 11x6m
and 16x6m (+frame).
As general specifications, LED pixels pitch should not exceed 25mm. and viewing angle must be 140* horizontally and 50* vertically. Control room could be located either nearby the board or up to 300m away (900ft) using fiber optic cables.

Electronic displays could also be used as "border" or "perimeter" advertising panels or banners replacing static billboards around the stadium for an increased advertising revenue.

Superior, steady, bright image displays, demonstrated in Japan, Taiwan,
Australia, Europe and the Middle East.


stadium displays
Azadi stadium in Tehran - IRAN


stadium displays
Football stadium in
Liberec - Czech Republic


stadium displays
Stadium in Sydney- Australia

stadium displays

Al Ain Football stadium in Dubai - U.A.E

Al Ahli Football stadium in Dubai - U.A.E

Al Sharjah Football stadium in U.A.E

Al Nasr Football stadium in Dubai- U.A.E


stadium displays


stadium displays

Video scoreboard installed  in Kaunas Stadium-  LITHUANIA


scoreboard displays

scoreboard displays

Horse race track video & scoreboard displays  in Sydney-Australia


Video scoreboard indoor scoreboard

Indoor arena in Dubai - UAE (4 stadiums)

Indoor arena in Doha- Qatar




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Electro MEDIA electronic banners are  specially designed illuminated and animated advertising displays used in indoor and outdoor stadiums around the field, in replacement of the static or rolling banners, tremendously increasing the advertising income, and creating a more attractive and animated environment to an already exciting game in play, for all viewers, inside and outside the stadiums. Although a quite high investment, the return would be very interesting and fast.
Using the latest LED technology, these electronic banners are becoming more sophisticated, using less energy, with an ever increased resolution and visual quality.

Technology breakthrough
Because electronic banners need a large amount of power, that represent a high cost and technical handicap to most clubs, Electro MEDIA has developed a model using SMD 3 in 1 LED technology, produced by NICHIA Corporation, Japan, that uses about 30% less power than conventional LED lamps in 3 colors, although increasing resolution, picture clarity, uniformity, with the same brightness and wide viewing angle than before.
Sturdy metal cabinets with anticorrosion paint, resistant to hits, with rubber shock absorbers on top.
Adjustable and folding brackets, built in carrying handles (by 2 persons) and easy-fix locking system.
Packed in flight cases for easy and safe transportation and storage.
Cabinets dimensions: Approx. 1x 1m or 1x 2 m.
Lightweight: Less than 50kg /m2.
Back doors for maintenance.
Several resolutions to choose from: 16, 20 mm pitch or other on request.
Soft rubber mask to absorb hits from balls and players alike, and protect LED dots.
Soft rubber top to protect players.
Waterproof front (IP65) and water resistant back (IP44, because of ventilation fans)
Easy to link data and power connectors.
Able to work in harsh climates (-10 C to +50C ).

Technical specifications
High quality Japanese LEDs: outdoor SMD 3 in 1 (surface mount device) real pixels
Several resolutions to choose from: 16 and 20 mm pitch, in real or virtual pixels, SMD or lamps.
High brightness (up to 6000 Nits) adjustable by sensor or software (100 levels)
Wide visible angle: up to 170* horizontal and 60* vertical
High frequency (244 Hz) scanning allowing  flicker- free pictures to be seen on photo and videos cameras and TV.
High color capability (up to 14 bits)
Perfect color uniformity and contrast.
Minimum viewing distance (dot-free): 20 m
Easy to use software capable of displaying text, logos, videos and live video.
Fiber optic cable communication from a distant control room to the display control PCs located on the field.
Power: Max: 700 W / m2 Typical 250 W  (220V)
LED life: 100,000 Hours
Up to 5 years full warranty, with over 15 years of equipment life expectancy (depending on usage)
CE certified
Banner front with soft mask and top rubber protective pad

Banner side with carrying handle. Banner back with built-in supporting legs and easy lock system








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